What is “Ecological & Ecosystem Based Gardening”?

Our system of gardening puts plants and the ecosystem first.  Simply put, we do everything we can to keep all plants alive even if they are unwanted.  We believe that plants have rights just like animals and should be transplanted or moved to an other location if they aren’t where they are appreciated.  There are always going to be situations that are unavoidable, and being completely complementary with all other gardening, tree and landscaping services, we understand that you may have landscaping needs that we can not do, and we provide a service that other landscapers don’t.

What Do We Do?

We offer a one time or general maintenance service for your yard, garden or portion of your yard/garden to take out unwanted plants while keeping them alive.   We also shape plants to keep them growing where you want them and keep walkways clear without having to cut bushes or branches.  We specialize in laying ground cover, edible or not, to keep out unwanted plants, and also do rock gardens/ low water natives.  Although it can get expensive, we will dig up anything, even trees as long as there is a place to transplant them.

· Potting

· Shaping

· Seeding

· Planting

· Plant Rescuing

· Rock Gardens

· Plant Sitting ·Transplanting

How Do I Get Started?

Please call us for details of how to set up a program for your garden.   We will need to understand your needs and give you a preliminary estimate over the phone, before we do an on site estimate.  We serve Central California, the San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay Area.












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Planting/ Seeds or Plants

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